Walmart and Target notched the top two spots in a new ranking of retailers with the best omnichannel services.

The two retailers topped Internet Retailer’s 2019 Omnichannel Report, which reveals which top retail chains execute omnichannel services the best and which ones need improvement.

“Like it did with ecommerce and fulfillment expectations, Amazon's well-designed omnichannel execution now raises the stakes for other merchants,” according to the report. “When it comes to omnichannel services, Walmart Inc., Target Corp. and the Home Depot Inc. have the most robust features that are also the best executed among top retail chains.”

Walmart, Target and the Home Depot finished first, second and third, respectively, in the annual ranking.

Walmart, Target and Home Depot not only provided a smooth buy online/pick up in store experience in both locations, but also scored points for offering innovative omnichannel features, such as curbside pickup and in-app directions, according to Internet Retailer. The three chains have also made investments in changing their stores to better cater to digital shoppers, such as modifying store layouts to make order pickup easier, adding giant towers to retrieve orders or piloting pickup lockers.