5 Generations Bakers announced the Jenny Lee Artisan Bakers Scholarship this week, a program that will be used to pay the tuition cost for students entering the American Institute of Baking to earn their Baking Technologist Certifications.

The scholarship will be funded by sales of a new product line that includes flavors such as Ancient Grain with Cranberries, Multigrain, Old-Fashioned Sandwich Bread, Sunflower and more. The line will be available for shipping anywhere in the U.S. or pickup at 5 Generations' facility in Pennsylvania.

"As someone navigating life with over $60,000 in student loan debt, I knew I needed a way to prevent others from falling into the same hole," says Cody Baxter, 5 Generations' director of marketing. "When brainstorming how to best launch our new product line focused on small-batch, artisanal, hand-made bread, I thought the scholarship would be the perfect opportunity to advance not only our artisan bread sales, but also the overall artisan baked goods industry.”

5 Generation has awarded scholarships in the past in memory of Paul M. Baker, the founder of Jenny Lee Bakery and grandfather of current 5 Generation president Scott Baker. While the Paul M. Baker scholarship has been awarded to local students in local school districts, the Jenny Lee Artisan Bakers Scholarship will be available for anyone across the country who is interested in obtaining their Baking Technologist Certification from the American Institute of Baking