It’s easy to fall into the same seasonal merchandising themes year after year.

For January, it can be tempting to rely on pushing lighter and healthier foods. That might not always be the best idea, says Carrie Walters, corporate chef for Dorothy Lane Market.

Walters writes a story for the company’s monthly marketing magazine. “It used to be the marketing team doing it and every January was always focused on healthy because everyone is supposedly on a diet,” she says. “Well, we sell really good food. We sell food that’s made with butter and cream and all that other stuff. We do sell diet food, but it’s not our main thing. We sell food that tastes really good.”

So now, Dorothy Lane doesn’t put too much emphasis on healthier foods in January. For this year’s first 2019 issue, for example, Walters is focusing on duck and wild game. “That never would have been a focus in January before,” she says. “You have to adapt.”