A new use of blockchain technology allows consumers to track the progress of their fish all the way back to where it was farmed or caught.

OpenSC, a global digital platform developed in Australia, allows users to scan QR codes with a smartphone camera to see where their came from, when and how it was produced and to follow its journey along the supply chain, according to a story at reuters.com

Launched by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and investment firm BCG Digital Ventures, OpenSC uses blockchain technology that records information such as the movement of the product and details of its storage.

That makes available accurate information on supply chains, enabling consumers to seek sustainable, ethical and fair products from companies, its developers said.

“What the OpenSC platform does is it democratises that information,” Paul Hunyor, Managing Director of BCG Digital Ventures, told Reuters Television. “What is the journey that the food that they’re consuming has been on? Where was it caught? How can they verify the location?”

OpenSC evolved from a WWF-led project that used blockchain to track tuna caught in the Pacific Ocean. BCG Digital Ventures was brought in to help build the platform.

The platform is now tracking fish and the developers expect to add other seafood this year.