Bakery industry leader Corbion is bullish on the growth of instore bakery in 2019.

“As consumers continue to look for more enhanced experiences with their baked goods, many have already started shopping the perimeter of grocery stores,” says Joann Rupp, Corbion’s global market insights manager. “We anticipate this trend to continue in 2019, especially among young consumers who are more likely to seek all-natural and wholesome ingredients in the products they buy.”

Clean-label baked goods, Rupp adds, appeal to consumers’ desire for transparency as well as the growing demand for better-for-you ingredients.

Heading into the New Year, Corbion also expects to continue to see a push for ethnic-inspired baked goods as well as a greater demand for convenient, fresh and artisan baked goods.

“The convenience factor plays into consumers’ need for products that meet their busy lifestyles,” Rupp says. “Artisan baked goods, which give the perception of ‘fresh,’ play off the demand for customization and premiumization.”

Ethnic cuisines, she says, inspire suppliers to formulate products that go beyond the traditional formats and flavors typically seen in baked goods.

Rupp anticipates a surge in demand for artisan bread in 2019, as consumers continue to look for more premium baked goods. “Artisan bread fits their desire for unique, high-quality products with rich, decadent flavors and textures,” she says. “Flatbreads have also proven strong growth potential within the bakery segment over the last couple years, with 4 percent volume and current value growth in 2017. With this in mind, we anticipate flatbreads and other ethnic-inspired baked goods to remain popular in 2019.”

Additionally, Rupp says, expect to see more and more manufacturers expand their product lines to include more organic, low-carb, non-GMO, gluten-free and vegetable-based alternatives as consumers continue to seek healthier options.

That said, Corbion doesn’t expect demand for traditional comfort foods and indulgent baked goods to go away any time soon.

“The key for bakers moving forward will be finding a way to strike a balance between baked goods that make consumers feel good —comfort foods, for example —and ones that are good for them, or at least that they can feel less guilty about eating,” Rupp says.

Corbion has already seen a big push for ethnic-inspired flavors in the bakery segment, with more vibrant and exciting flavors popping up everywhere. Moving forward, the company expects to continue to see an uptick in ethnic-inspired baked goods as well as products with healthy inclusions like fruits, nuts and seeds.

“In particular, some of the trending flavors on the horizon include spicy and savory blends, fruits, sweet spices and rich flavors like cinnamon and chocolate,” Rupp says. “Matcha, cocoa, turmeric and other regional spices will also continue to be popular.”

In addition, in the coming year, bakers will continue to look for new and exciting ways to boost taste and texture while meeting consumer demands for less sugar, reduced calories and gluten-free or free-from products, Rupp says. Corbion expects to see a push for more proteins in breads and baked goods as well as a greater emphasis on ingredient sourcing, including the use of sustainable palm oils.

“Consumers want to know where their food comes from and how it impacts their overall health, so it will be imperative for bakers to communicate that type of messaging if they wish to win the hearts and minds of consumers in 2019,” she says.