Wisconsin Cheese and chocolate: one traditionally savory, the other traditionally sweet. Alone, they count among our favorite indulgences. But together, they transform into something simply sensational. The Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board suggests you discover just how good the possibilities are with a new guide to cheese and chocolate pairings, equal parts sweet, savory and sensational.

“We are always looking for different and creative accompaniments to pair with our award-winning Wisconsin Cheeses that enhance the tasting experience,” said Heather Porter Engwall, Director of National Product Communications, WMMB. “Both artisan cheeses and chocolates offer a wide variety of flavor profiles, making them as fun and rewarding to bring together as cheese and wine or cheese and beer.”

The guide gives simple tips for experimenting with Wisconsin Cheese and chocolate so users can create their own favorite pairings. Tips cover tasting order, portion sizes and selecting ingredients. Additionally, the guide offers pairing ideas for every palate, ranging from easy-to-find cheeses and classic flavor combinations for beginners to specialty cheeses and distinctive flavor profiles for more adventurous foodies.

The guide features 11 delectable pairing combinations, among them:

Wisconsin Aged Cheddar and Chocolate-Dipped Caramel Apples – Cheddar and apple are a classic pairing on cheese plates. But, when you add chocolate, something entirely new happens. That added bit of rich sweetness pulls everything together for a memorable mouthful.

Wisconsin Mascarpone and Nutella with Chocolate Brownies – Serve sweet and creamy Wisconsin Mascarpone alongside your favorite chocolate wafer cookies or step the combo up by layering it with chocolate brownies and Nutella. A chocolate-covered coffee bean makes a fun garnish.

Wisconsin Aged Parmesan with Dark Chocolate and Oatmeal Stout – Wisconsin Parmesan is crumbly with a buttery and nutty flavor. This profile blends well with dark chocolate or dark chocolate-covered almonds, which also add a nice texture contrast. For beer drinkers, a dark and ever-so-slightly sweet oatmeal stout brings the flavors together perfectly.

Wisconsin Cheddar Blue with Spicy Dark Chocolate – Dark chocolate and Blue Cheese are becoming a more popular duo. But, the pairing is taken up a notch when it’s Wisconsin Cheddar with a hint of Blue. Pair it with a dark chocolate with hints of cayenne or other spicy pepper and you’ll have a hard time wanting to eat anything else.

Wisconsin Mixed-Milk Cheese with White Chocolate and Cranberry Chutney – Try a Mixed-Milk Cheese that combines sheep and/or goat and cow milk for an intense earthy flavor and somewhat dry texture. Sweet white chocolate and colorful cranberry chutney counter the cheese for a creative snack or dessert.

For more information about Wisconsin Cheese, visit EatWisconsinCheese.com.