Whole Foods Market will no longer use Instacart for its online ordering and deliveries.

The first phase of Whole Foods’ transition away from Instacart began Dec. 13, Instacart's founder and CEO, Apoorva Mehta, says in a blog post.

“Whole Foods Market has been a partner of ours since 2014, but our relationship is now beginning to wind down,” Mehta writes. “Today, we have 1,415 in-store shoppers across 76 Whole Foods locations. Out of this community of in-store shoppers at Whole Foods, 243 will be impacted beginning Feb. 10, 2019. In the months that follow, we expect to ramp down all remaining Whole Foods in-store shopping operations in preparation for Whole Foods to fully exit our marketplace in the coming months.”

The vast majority of Instacart's shoppers, Mehta says, work across multiple retail partners rather than for a single grocer. For those shoppers who support several grocers, this transition will not impact them. For Whole Foods specifically, Instacart's multi-store shoppers will still be able to pick, pack and deliver from Whole Foods locations nationwide until they exit the company’s marketplace.

Instacart expects to be able to place more than 75 percent of all its impacted instore Whole Foods shoppers in new instore shopper jobs at another retailer in their area, Mehta says.