Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin has named a new marketing executive and launched new advertising and branding efforts.

Suzanne Fanning is the Madison-based group’s new senior vice president and chief marketing officer. Since joining Dairy Farmers two years ago, she has played a key role in the start of a marketing transformation for Wisconsin's 175-year-old cheese industry, according to the group.

In 2018, Fanning’s team led communications for the company's brand identity, built the Cheeselandia ambassador program and made headlines around the globe for the Guinness Worlds Record achievement of the World's Largest Cheeseboard.

Earlier this month, the Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin team launched a national commercial, executed under her leadership. In addition, consumers will soon see a new Proudly Wisconsin Cheese™ logo on retail packaging.

Her team's innovative strategy has driven impressive results, says CEO Chad Vincent – increasing social media engagement by over 4,000 percent and achieving over $30 million in national publicity coverage for Wisconsin cheese.

"Wisconsin's $45 billion dairy industry is vital to the state and to our dairy farmers and we are fortunate to have Suzanne's talent, energy and leadership at the Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin," Vincent says. "She is developing a high performance team to bring Wisconsin cheese and Wisconsin dairy to new heights."