Brownie sales increased slightly across the board over the last year, seeing gains in both weekly sales and contribution to bakery department sales.

Average weekly sales per store were up 12 percent to $174 across the U.S. The West region contributed the biggest jump, seeing weekly sales go from $178 to $199, an 11.8 percent increase. Sales in the Midwest increased by 11.6 percent.

 Brownie contribution to bakery department sales was up one-tenth of a percent across the U.S. Each region either saw the same increase or remained flat.

Mini brownies were the biggest contributor to the category, accounting for 37.3 percent of sales, while regular brownies accounted for 31.5 percent. Specialty flavored brownies were also big sellers, coming in at 27.5 percent. Assorted brownies accounted for the remaining 3.7 percent.

As was the case in the previous year, sales spiked around three major holidays — Christmas, Valentine’s Day and Independence Day.