Par-Way Tryson is proud to announce their newest on-trend offering in their incredible line of flavorful seasoning sprays: Vegalene Smoky Western Seasoning Spray.

The National Restaurant Association reports that smoking foods is expected to be the #3 method of food preparation among chefs this year. In fact, 45% of chefs consider smoky flavor to be a hot new trend this year while 47% consider it to be a perennial favorite.

Vegalene’s Smoky Western Seasoning Spray allows operators to add mouthwatering flavor without adding calories, soy allergens, sodium or gluten. One simple spray gives you a variety of healthier, flavorful menu options.

Operators can offer customized options for bold regional favorites, or create surprising signature dishes that are sure to become new classics. Reports from Technomic to Mintel Menu Insights all agree that diners are making their desires for these offerings known, and Par-Way Tryson listened.

From growing favorites like hearty southwest tacos or smoky grilled salmon, to surprising and complex new combinations like savory campfire pancakes or smoky mac ‘n cheese, Vegalene Smoky Western Seasoning Spray gives operators the power to infuse any dish or side with the bold and comforting taste of a gourmet smokehouse. Plus they can do it while decreasing SKUs and operational costs.

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