Champion Industries, manufacturer of a full line of premier commercial warewashing systems, is proud to showcase its newest innovation, the Phoenix Dehydrator, for commercial food waste. 

The Phoenix Dehydrator can process all organics including: produce, fruits, cut flowers, meats, fat trimmings, fish, paper napkins, coffee grounds, spoiled milks, deli products and some soft plastics, reducing organic waste by as much as 95 percent. The dried remnants are produced as a sterile biomass soil amendment that is easily collected and diverted.  Champion¹s proprietary technology features accelerated dehydration for shorter processing time and can process up to two batches of food waste a day.

The Phoenix Dehydrator operates at safe temperatures and guarantees no pathogen, biohazard risks or harmful emissions. The machine separates the moisture content by applying indirect heat and converting the moisture to steam. The steam is then condensed and discharged into trade waste or sewer as distillate. The modular design of the Phoenix allows maximum flexibility in design set up. The condenser and dehydrator can be located separately, allowing total odor control and reducing ventilation requirements. 

The Phoenix Dehydrator can serve as a stand-alone system or as part of Champion's larger waste management system. The Champion waste management system is fully customizable, designed to meet the unique needs of any facility. The system transports waste from the trough into a muncher system where it is then circulated through a centrifuge and finally passed into the Phoenix. The Champion waste management system eliminates the need to move organic waste between machines and solves the source separated organics problem in any kitchen.

The Phoenix Dehydrator is available in a wide range of sizes, ranging from 121 pounds to 1672 pounds, making it the ideal solution for any size facility. The larger machines offer a fully automatic lift system, which is the ideal waste solution for shopping malls, casinos, buffet restaurants, schools and universities.