Ricker's, an Indiana-based c-store retailer, opened its new flagship location this week in New Palestine. The company says the store is the first of its kind for the chain and the industry as a whole.

“We’ve been developing this store design for three years,” says Quinn Ricker, Ricker's president and CEO. “It’s an open and modern floorplan that features floor-to-ceiling glass windows and a sit-down dining area. This is just the first of many Ricker’s locations that will follow this design.”

The new store is home to Ricker's Kitchen, the company's line of made-to-order menu options ranging from breakfast to tacos to cheeseburgers. All food items are prepared instore and kiosks are available for ordering. 

The location will also include the company's frictionliess checkout technology, which it debuted in mid-August at 58 of its locations. The partnership with Skip is a hybrid of mobile pay and the Amazon Go concept, the company says. 

The technology reduces the speed of the checkout from an average of 60 seconds to an instant pay-and-go action controlled by the customer, according to Skip.