American cheese is no longer the top cheese made in America.

About 5.38 billion pounds of Italian cheeses were produced in the U.S. in 2017, more than any other kind, including cheddar and all other American varieties combined, according to new statistics from the United States Department of Agriculture’s National Agricultural Statistics Service.

American cheeses came in second with 5.07 billion pounds, according to the USDA.

Other U.S.-made cheeses and their 2017 volumes include:

  • Cream and Neufchatel, 942.9 million pounds
  • Swiss, 316.7 million pounds
  • Hispanic, 286.9 million pounds
  • Muenster, 187.8 million pounds
  • Feta, 127.7 million pounds
  • Blue and gorgonzola, 91.3 million pounds
  • Gouda, 65.4 million pounds