The producer of Jenny Lee Swirl Bread and Jenny Lee Savory Bread has received a top food safety rating.

McKees Rocks, Pennsylvania-based 5 Generations Bakers earned a Level 2 certification in its first-ever SQF food safety audit. Denice Beccard, 5 Generations’ quality assurance officer, led the company’s effort.

“Food quality and food safety are two cornerstones of our company and therefore bear a bulk of the responsibility for the bakery’s successes,” says Scott Baker, 5 Generations’ president.

In addition to the SQF designation, 5 Generations received a superior rating in its American Institute of Baking audit and won a Food Quality and Safety Award from Food Quality and Safety magazine.

Since its founding in 2010, 5 Generations has enjoyed double-digit sales growth every year, according to the company.