The following list includes the 10 biggest outbreaks of foodborne illnesses in the U.S. in 2013. Note that this list only includes outbreaks linked to grocery products and/or restaurants.

10. E. coli from Trader Joe’s Glass Onion chicken salads caused 33 illnesses. At least seven people were hospitalized, and two developed hemolytic uremic syndrome.

9. Salmonella from the Hacienda Don Villo restaurant in Channahon, IL caused 35 illnesses. At least one person was hospitalized. The exact food source was never identified.

8. E. coli from frozen Farm Rich foods caused 35 illnesses, mostly in minors. At least nine people were hospitalized. In response, the company recalled the affected products.

7. Salmonella from cucumbers imported from Mexico caused 84 illnesses. At least 17 people were hospitalized. The importers were barred from further imports until they could prove their products were no longer contaminated.

6. E. Coli from lettuce served at Frederico’s Mexican Restaurant in Litchfield Park, AZ caused 94 illnesses, and at least two people developed hemolytic uremic syndrome.

5. Salmonella from Foster Farms chicken caused 134 illnesses across 13 states. At least 33 people were hospitalized.

4. Hepatitis A from Townsend Farms frozen organic berries caused 162 illnesses in the Southwest. At least 71 people were hospitalized.

3. Salmonella from Firefly restaurant in Las Vegas, NV caused 294 illnesses. In response, the owners closed up shop before re-opening in a new location.

2. Salmonella from Foster Farms chicken processed at the company’s California facilities caused 416 illnesses. At least 162 people have been hospitalized.

1. Cyclospora from salads and cilantro caused 631 illnesses. One outbreak was traced back to Darden Restaurants, and another was confined to people in Texas, with no apparent connection to those restaurants.