Instore bakeries and delis are embracing new technology that saves valuable time and money on labor, as well as enables them to bring innovative new products to shoppers.

In the fast-growing beverage and frozen treat category, Vitamix features a new Mix’n Machine, which is perfect for smoothie operations and quick foodservice. Six optimized program settings allow the operator to blend a variety of ingredients, including cookies, candies and other hard-to-mix items, with both hard and soft ice cream and yogurt. A cup-activated lever with “smart” delay allows for simple one-handed operation and prevents spills.

Pretzels are one of the hottest selling snack foods in America, and new equipment innovations are enabling instore bakeries to offer delicious pretzels with ease. Unveiled at the National Restaurant Association 2015 Show, the new WP Riehle ITES high speed oven from WP Bakery Group USA defrosts and cooks frozen baked goods in about 10 percent to 25 percent of the traditional time.

Operators can defrost and bake pretzels in about eight minutes. This high speed oven uses specialized infrared technology to quickly defrost frozen baked goods, then quickly bake, toast, crisp or brown the food – producing fresh-baked quality pretzels, pastries, dinner rolls, pizza, and more. This infrared technology penetrates deep into the product for rapid thawing and rapid baking while retaining the product's moisture.

Mini donuts are another great snack food, and the Insider Clean-Air Cabinet and Frying System from Belshaw Adamatic provides a distinctive donut frying system that eliminates the need for a standard exhaust hood. With its ability to operate indoors, the Insider offers unique benefits.

Customers in high traffic areas can watch the Insider frying donuts automatically. The operator only has to mix batter, fill the Donut Robot hopper and bag donuts from the Roto-Cooler, a rotating tray that collects the donuts automatically. Merchandising graphics can easily be applied to top, bottom and side panels to add to the eye-catching appeal.