Local food sourcing might represent the single largest food trend from last year, and it shows no signs of slowing down for 2015. A consensus among those who track the food trends says that the local food movement will continue to gain strength deep into this year.

Darren Tristano, who tracks the restaurant industry for market research giant Technomic, expects more local produce, more local beer and more local grains. But Tristano believes the big local story of next year will be local meat. Local grass-fed beef, local free-range chicken, and local pig farms producing ham and bacon, will see their popularity and sales grow more and more.

No matter the location in the United States, somewhere near your store, someone farms animals for meat. Whether it’s a large established farm or a smaller operation, which actually appeals to modern consumers more, access to local meat can be had. Even the largest cities in the country like New York, Chicago and Los Angeles have access to local, fresh raised meat within a short enough distance to call local.

The cost might be higher, and it may seem to expensive at first, but sandwiches made with local meats sell at higher price points, and the story attracts consumers. Once the word gets out that you offer locally sourced meats on some of the signature sandwiches from your deli and foodservice departments, consumers willing to pay premium prices for these selections will come and spend the money to get them.