A librarian with NASA’s Langley Research Center, Cecilia Grzeskowiak, from Hampton, Va., is the lucky winner of a $25,000 Grand Prize in the Family Road Trip promotion, announced Carl Buddig & Co., the maker of Buddig lunchmeats and Old Wisconsin sausage and meat snack products. A First Prize of $10,000 goes to Jim Faber of Libertyville, Ill.

Grzeskowiak said she was pleasantly surprised to learn she was the Grand Prize Winner for the Family Road Trip promotion, especially since she was one of more than 57,000 people who entered. She has also entered three other Buddig promotional sweepstakes previously. In this case, the fourth time proved to be the charm.

“I’ve already spent most of the prize money to help pay off my car loan as I’ll be retiring soon,” Grzeskowiak said. Being able to enjoy her retirement years with her car loan free and clear will help, she added. In addition to a few fun splurges, she plans to make a cash donation to the Peninsula Foodbank.

A total of $45,000 in prize winnings were awarded during the Family Road Trip promotion this summer, which concluded in late September. Marketing for the promotion included an integrated advertising campaign, social marketing and on-pack messaging on Buddig Original, Deli Cuts and Old Wisconsin Snack Bites and Snack Sticks.

In addition to the Grand Prize of $25,000 and First Prize award of $10,000, the Family Road Trip featured a variety of other prizing, including $10,000 in weekly instant-win prizes, coupons and more. The sweepstakes capitalized on the popularity of the online gaming trend, inviting players to collect badges representing U.S. landmarks and tank fill-ups. Players who collected all 10 unique badges to complete a set were entered into the Grand Prize drawing. The Grand Prize and First Prize winners were selected through a random drawing.

“We’re excited to attain this level of engagement with our consumers and we’ll continue to celebrate their brand loyalty with our next big promotion currently underway, the Dream Big Giveaway,” said Tom Buddig, Executive Vice President Marketing for Carl Buddig & Co.