Deli prepared foods have steadily grown as quick and convenience meal options become a necessity for consumers. Deli prepared foods accounted for 55% of deli department sales during the 52 weeks ending Dec. 29, 2012, a 2% increase in share contribution over the previous year.

An average of $12,417 per store per week was earned in deli prepared foods nationally. Accounting for nearly 60% of deli prepared food sales, deli prepared chicken, deli salads and deli entrees were among the top-selling categories.

Deli prepared foods posted the strongest average sales during holidays. During the winter holidays, the week ending Dec. 22, 2012, had the highest sales at $14,236 per store. The week of the Fourth of July posted the second greatest sales per store per week ($14,202). The week of the Thanksgiving holiday posted $13,812 per store, on average.

The top-performing region in average deli prepared foods sales was the East region with an average of $14,310 in sales per store per week. The region with the lowest sales was the South region with $11,747 per store per week.

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