Two California cheesemakers won big at the annual California State Fair Commercial Cheese Competition.

Sister companies Laura Chenel’s and Marin French Cheese each won 12 awards at the event, which featured 23 California producers.

Marin winners included: Petite Breakfast, Petite Camembert, Petite Jalapeno, Petite Cendree, Schloss, Camembert (gold awards); Petite Crème, Petite Truffle, Traditional Brie and Supreme Brie (silver); and Petite Supreme and Crème Brie (bronze).

Chenel winners included: Original Medallion, Original Chabis, 4-Peppercorn Chabis, Goat Brie, Spicy Cabecou and Cabecou in Herbs (gold);  Black Truffle Cabecou, Black Truffle, Crushed Olive, and Original logs (silver); and Sun-dried Tomato & Basil Medallion and Fig & Grapefruit Medallion (bronze).

“California is our home, so it’s always an honor for our cheesemakers to be recognized in their local community,” says Eric Barthome, CEO of Marin French Cheese and Laura Chenel’s. “At both Marin French Cheese and Laura Chenel’s we strive every day to be the best and are committed to making the highest quality products possible, sourced from local ingredients.”