King Arthur Flour has been included on the ‘B Corp Best for Workers’ list released today by B Lab, the nonprofit organization certifying B Corporations. The company was recognized for its positive impact on its employee-owners based on a third-party assessment of workplace practices, the B Impact Assessment.

“King Arthur Flour is thrilled to have its strongest component, employee-ownership, recognized with this honor. We have found great value in B Lab’s certification process since their founding, and we are working to raise our scores in other areas of the B Impact Assessment,” says president and CEO Steve Voigt. “We value continual improvement across multiple stakeholders and find the community of B Corporations to be very supportive in strengthening each others’ efforts.”

The ‘B Corp Best for Workers List’ honors businesses that scored in the top 10 percent of all Certified B Corporations for their positive impact on their workforce, as measured by the B Impact Assessment, a comprehensive assessment used by more than 10,000 businesses to measure their impact on their workers, community, and the environment. This analysis includes metrics regarding worker ownership, compensation and benefits, management and worker communication, training and education, work environment, and occupational health and safety.

“Study after study shows that being ‘best for workers’ means being best for shareholders because the name of the game is winning the war for talent,” says Jay Coen Gilbert, co-founder of B Lab. “The B Corp Best for Workers honorees are the companies people want to work for and invest in because they’ve proven they’re the best of the best by meeting rigorous, comprehensive third party standards people can trust.”

The ‘B Corp Best for Workers’ list is the third installment in B Lab’s 2013 ‘B Corp Best for the World’ series. Each honoree – 79 companies across 39 industries and 6 countries – is a Certified B Corporation, a new type of company that uses the power of business for good and meets rigorous standards of overall social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency. Today there are over 800 Certified B Corporations across more than 60 industries and 27 countries, unified by the common goal to redefine success in business.