A maker of salsa marketed in grocery store delis received the highest possible grade on a British food safety audit.

Swanton, Ohio-based Willy’s Salsa, which produces all-natural fresh salsa, earned an AA grade from the British Retail Consortium.

“This certification confirms our ongoing mission to make the safest, healthiest, and best-tasting all-natural fresh salsa on the market,” says Dennis Dickey, founder and president of Willy’s. “We believe that attaining this distinction will open doors and help speed the advancement of the Willy’s Fresh Salsa phenomenon.”

More than 26,000 suppliers in 130 countries have earned food safety certification from the British Retail Consortium, which provides international standards for quality, safety and operational criteria.

Willy’s salsa is sold in 4,000 stores in 30 states, and will soon be available nationwide, according to the company.