Asian grocery chain H Mart’s newest store has a food hall with several foodservice options.

Lyndhurst, New Jersey-based H Mart’s new store in Austin, Texas, which opened Feb. 15, is the first H Mart to have a food hall, according to a story on

The store’s Market Eatery, as the food hall has been dubbed, features a variety of retail foodservice offerings, including:

  • Katsu: Cutlets, omelets and pasta
  • Lai Lai: Chinese food
  • MIX: Korean snack food
  • Momo Sushi: Japanese sushi
  • Snow Monster: Shaved ice, boba tea and waffles
  • Sogongdong Tofu House: Korean tofu soup and comfort food 
  • Sunday BBQ: Korean barbecue 
  • Sunday Bird: Korean fried chicken
  • Tous Les Jours: Korean bakery
  • Let Them Talk: a no-tip bar with 99 cent beers

Founded in 1982, H Mart has more than 50 stores and plans to open 15 more in 2018, according to the story. About half of the new stores will have a Market Eatery.