SAN FRANCISCO — Shullsburg, Wisconsin-based Shullsburg Creamery highlighted new flavored cheeses at the Specialty Food Association’s annual Winter Fancy Food Show.

New products include a mixed wedge pack that features several varieties of flavored cheeses, including Buffalo Wing Cheddar, Salsa Cheddar Cheese, Toasted Onion ‘n Chive Cheddar Cheese, Cranberry Chipotle Cheddar, Caraway Colby, Blueberry Cheddar, Garlic ‘n Herb Jack, Cranberry Cheddar, Three Pepper Marble Cheddar, Jack ‘n Dill Cheese and Bourbon Barrel Smoked Cracked Black Pepper Cheddar.

Shullsburg Creamery also highlighted new 8 oz Carolina Reaper, Blueberry Cheddar and Ghost Pepper flavored cheeses.

The key to good flavored cheeses, says Scott Stocker, Shullsburg Creamery’s CEO, is to blend them correctly so one flavor doesn’t overwhelm the other. By pairing more exotic flavors with staples like cheddar and Colby, the Shullsburg flavored cheeses are a good “gateway cheese” for consumers looking to expand their horizons, he says.