At this year's IBIE, October 6-9, 2013, in Las Vegas, NV, MIWE will be presenting the next generation of rack oven, MIWE roll-in e+ version 2, which is extremely popular on the North American market. One of the main focus points at the MIWE booth will be in-shop ovens because the MIWE econo and the MIWE condo, the "European classics", have been particularly successful in establishing themselves on the US market. MIWE and its subsidiaries in America and Canada will present a new "integrated loader" for the MIWE condo range of deck ovens which will be sure to enhance the already successful MIWE condo in this market.

The MIWE product range encompasses the full range of baking ovens including small in-store convection ovens, electric and gas deck ovens, rack ovens, and automated baking systems. The company also offers very specialized proofing and dough conditioning equipment. The focus has been the baking segment as well as the supermarket and foodservice baking segments. In all three segments the company can be proud of listing a broad range of well-known companies as clients. Major, high class supermarket chains have been using MIWE rack ovens and the MIWE condo range of ovens for years with great success. On the foodservice side the MIWE aero, MIWE econo and condo are hard at work at various chains, hotels and restaurants nationwide.

"We are proud that we are well-known here and have gained a well-respected reputation in the marketplaces of Canada and the US", says Harry Jacoby, president MIWE America LLC together with Ben Garisto, president of MIWE Canada Inc.