The grocery store of the future will have fewer aisles but more space for prepared foods, according to a new study.

The “Supermarket 2020” study from Dallas-based retail and consumer packaged goods research firm Symphony Retail Ai looks at key trends driving disruption in the grocery category and suggests measures retailers can take to adjust to them.

Stores of the future will have fewer than 10 aisles, compared to today’s 15 and up, according to the study. And stores will offer, on average, fewer than 10 “highly curated” SKUs per category, which will be supplemented by online offerings.

Symphony Retail Ai also recommends that stores remove center-store aisles to make room for more prepared foods, taking advantage of shoppers’ intentions to spend three or four times more on prepared foods than other categories.

According to Symphony Retail Ai, year-over-year growth in grocery prepared foods is 8 to 9 percent.

The study also forecasts a huge increase in private label products. Private label will make up 40 to 45 percent of SKUs in 2020, up from 18 to 20 percent today.