As the end of the three-year compliance period for removing partially hydrogenated oils (phos) edges closer, bakers have been forced to reexamine formulations and experiment with a variety of new ingredients to find suitable substitutes. Nevertheless, many available pho replacements fail to go beyond their basic function, leaving more work for bakers.

Looking to give cake makers a pho alternative with added benefits, Palsgaard offers Emulpals, an “activated” cake emulsifier.“Unlike emulsifiers carried on a shortening, activated emulsifiers are activated on starch in a highly sophisticated extrusion process, resulting in a convenient free-flowing white powder that keeps fat out of the equation,” said Arne Pedersen, product and application manager, Palsgaard. “This results in rapid functionality with fast uptake and incorporation of air into a cake batter for improved stability and higher quality.”

This ingredient may be used in cake, muffin, pancake, waffle and gluten-free cake mixes. Emulpals’ all-in-one mixing process makes it easy to incorporate during production as the emulsifier is added along with other powder ingredients in the formulation. This alleviates additional steps in the baking process such as melting and spraying. The simple structure of the emulsifier — it contains only two ingredients — also makes it label-friendly and easier to work with during product development.

Bakers not only hope to meet regulatory standards, but they also must satisfy consumer expectations. Because Emulpals works in both aerated and non-aerated cakes, it consistently produces the moist and fluffy crumb customers are accustomed to.

It can help create a healthier cake as well.

“This is a micro-ingredient that has no significant impact on health,” said Rosa Regalado, general manager, Palsgaard. “It can bind liquid oil in cake products, avoiding the use of saturated fats like shortenings.”

It’s also vegetable-based and free of allergens, G.M.O.s and sugar. 

To supply cake manufacturers with environmentally friendly ingredients, Palsgaard offers Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (R.S.P.O.) certified Emulpals, which are produced in a CO2-neutral factory. Using R.S.P.O.-certified products ensures that ingredients added to bakery items are produced in a sustainable manner and ease customers’ concerns about the use of palm oils.