Nearly half (45 percent) of millennials identify as ethnic or multicultural, making the generation the most diverse in United States history. 

According to IDDBA's What's in Store 2018, while certain cuisine, taste, and flavors may originate from the culinary trends of specific cultures, they're much less likely to be viewed in those terms.

"Just as retail channels are continually evolving, so too are the shoppers who frequent them," says Eric Richard, education coordinator for IDDBA. "Today's consumers represent a variety of generational and ethnic demographics, and their palates and dining preferences are shining light into new tastes, flavors, and eating occasions. Grocers have the potential to be at the forefront of eating innovation and creation."

Also in IDDBA's reporting, millennials are more likely than other generations to incorporate a customized eating approach, like meal planning, paleo or other diets. They're also more likely to purchase local or environmentally friendly products. 

Millennials' spending power will reached $3.5 trillion in 2017 and they will account for nearly 30 percent of consumer-packaged goods spending by 2020.