A leading food, travel and entertainment website has named the sandwiches sold at Publix supermarkets the best in the country.

As reported recently in an InStore cover story, Lakeland, Florida-based Publix is beloved for its deli subs. And now New York-based Thrillist has chimed in, calling the chain’s grocery subs the best in the business.

“Floridians love the Publix sub as much as their college football teams, Pitbull and air conditioning during a particularly humid summer,” writes Thrillist’s Jason Diamond.

Simplicity and quality are the keys to the Publix sandwich’s fanatical following, Diamond says. “The sandwich is not fancy, but that is precisely the appeal. Instead of being showy, they are always high-quality and reliable.”

Publix subs have their own Facebook fan page, particular varieties also have their own dedicated pages and there’s even a song created in the sub’s honor, according to the story.