CHICAGO — Eddy Packing Co.’s latest product line aims at versatility.

Yoakum, Texas-based Eddy’s new skin-pack line of all-protein products can be used as an ingredient or as a center-plate item with customers adding their own sides, says Kieley Beeman-Stibich, the company’s vice president of retail sales.

The line features several varieties of meat, including ground beef, chicken breast, chicken fajita and beef fajita.

Twelve- and 16-ounce versions of the product are available for traditional grocery retail, and a 32-ounce pack for club stores, Beeman-Stibich says. Highlighted by Eddy at the Private Label Manufacturers Association’s annual show in Chicago, the line is currently being distributed nationwide, she says.

Eddy chose to pack the product in a skin pack and on black trays for better presentation, Beeman-Stibich says.