Fortune released its list of the top 20 places to work in retail this week, and it is dominated by supermarkets and c-stores.

The top three spots were occupied by Wegmans, Tulsa, Oklahoma-based c-store retailer QuickTrip, and Publix — all three of which have made a name for themselves with retail foodservice. Nugget Market, a supermarket retail based in Woodland, California, was sixth, which Pennsylvania c-store chain Sheetz was seventh and Whole Foods was 20th.

From the list, here are some samplings of employee comments:

1. Wegmans: "Wegmans is genuinely welcoming to a diverse population of employees. It makes a concerted effort to employ older workers, which is refreshing. There is a sincere atmosphere of giving back to the community throughout the company."

2. QuikTrip: "QuikTrip creates a family-like atmosphere among co-workers better than any business I have ever seen.”

3. Publix: "Publix promotes from within and takes great care in training employees. There are high standards here and we’re always pushed to do things to the best of our ability."

6. Nugget Market: "This company really pushes having fun. As a manager I get to encourage my team to laugh and joke with each other. This creates such positive vibes and really pushes everyone to do that little bit extra.”

7. Sheetz: "Sheetz shares its profits by giving quarterly bonuses to all eligible employees and by enrolling us into the employee stock ownership program. We also have celebrations for employees like Sheetz Fest for everyone to celebrate their work anniversary and company holiday parties for employees and their families.”

20. Whole Foods: "I know I’m going to learn something new every day. Not only do I use my newfound knowledge at work, I use it at home too. Whole Foods Market creates an upbeat environment, leaving its employees gratified when they go home at the end of the day.”