Millennials love shopping in brick-and-mortar grocery stores, and while they like foods that are good for them, they’ll take fresh over healthy any time.

Those are among the findings of a new survey of Millennials by Chicago-based Blue Chip Marketing, which polled 1,500 millennials about their grocery shopping and eating habits.

Ninety-one percent of millennials do most of their grocery shopping at a grocery store or mass outlet, and 65 percent often or always walk down every aisle when they shop. Only 2 percent shop online most often, and only 10 percent use grocery delivery.

When it comes to fresh and healthy food choices, millennials decisively will take the former over the latter, according to Blue Chip. Seventy-five percent of those polled said they prefer to purchase fresh foods, but just 33 percent say “wanting to eat healthy” influences what they make for dinner.

Just 21 percent of millennials actively avoid artificial ingredients and just 12 percent avoid sugar, according to the survey.