Demand for clean-label fresh cookies sold in instore bakeries and clean-label soups sold in instore delis is up sharply over last year.

Clean-label fresh cookie sales jumped 31 percent and clean-label soup sales 18 percent in the 52 weeks ending July 29, according to Nielsen Co. LLC data. The growth in those categories belied a 4 percent decrease in overall clean-label sales of perimeter-store perishable items.

Sales of organic perimeter-store perishables increased 10 percent over the same period, and sustainable perimeter-store perishable sales jumped 6 percent, according to Nielsen.

In general, sales of grocery products with “transparent attributes” are significantly outpacing sales of conventional products, according to a Nielsen report accompanying the data.  

“Transparency is big business, and more importantly, it’s growing sales,” according to Nielsen. “Across the fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) landscape in the U.S., sales of products with transparency claims have grown 9 percent over last year and now represent 31 percent of sales.”

By contrast, sales of conventional products have dropped 2 percent over the same period.