Specialty meat producer Smoking Goose has unveiled breathable, moisture-free packaging for its salumi products.

Indianapolis-based Smoking Goose worked with a paper company that specializes in cheese packaging to develop a paper that allows air to flow in but keeps moisture out, says Corrie Quinn, Smoking Goose’s libation and narration manager.

“It’s the ideal conditions for our nitrate-free, slow-cured salumi,” she says. “This helps ensure our product reaches customers in prime condition. Our salumi is a natural product that needs to breathe.” The packaging mimics the micro-climate of Smoking Goose’s aging room, she says.

The new packaging also features custom printing, with a slate color that’s unique in the industry and that matches the company’s fly labels.  “Taken all together it’s the total package,” Quinn says.

In addition to salumi, Smoking Goose produces specialty sausages, smoked meats and whole muscle and larder meats.