Reading Bakery Systems has introduced its SafeShield Program, an initiative the company describes as a “cohesive approach to machine design, safety, performance and compliance.”

“The SafeShield Program integrates the wide range of efforts we have pursued for continuous improvement of our equipment’s performance in operator safety and food sanitation,” said Shawn Moye, vice-president of sales at RBS. “The program highlights these efforts in design and manufacturing to better assure our customers that our baking equipment is compliant with national and international safety and sanitation codes and regulations.”

RBS said the SafeShield Program manages the application of safeguarding from machine hazards, while making it easy to access and clean places where food particles and infectious agents accumulate. The program also fosters automation, which minimizes operator contact with equipment to reduce the risk of injury and contamination of food products, RBS said. Additionally, the program encourages the design of baking equipment with food contact points that are easily cleaned and thoroughly sanitized, and the selection of materials that pose the lowest risk of product contamination, the company noted.

“The SafeShield Program guides the design of all our equipment and systems to optimize safety and sanitation,” Mr. Moye said. “In addition, it provides continuous training for engineers and manufacturing personnel at RBS to keep them apprised of updates and changes to bakery equipment guidelines.”