Goat cheese specialist Cypress Grove’s latest offering is a new spin on an old favorite.

The Humboldt Fog Haze Remix cheese from Arcata, California-based Cypress Grove is a hybrid of the company’s award-winning Humboldt Fog and its Purple Haze. Introduced Sept. 5, Humboldt Fog Haze Remix is the first in a series of cheeses combining Humboldt Fog with other Cypress Grove cheeses.

Each limited-edition wheel of the new cheese includes a ribbon of lavender and hand-harvested wild fennel pollen. Flavors in Humboldt Fog Haze Remix include buttermilk, fresh cream, herbs, floral notes and a clean citrus finish. As the cheese matures, the cream line develops and the flavor intensifies.

Humboldt Fog Haze Remix will only be available this fall.