Kosher foods are set for big growth in the next decade, according to a new study.

The total value of the kosher market will increase by an estimated 11.5% by 2025, according to independent research conducted by Jacksonville, Florida-based Kosher Network International. And consumers who buy kosher will continue to generate higher per-basket sales at retail.

Kosher foods have a global market value of $24 billion and are the most popular product claim on food items, topping organic, gluten-free and other claims, according to Kosher Network International. And the kosher consumer’s weekly basket averages $200, with just 10% of items coming from specialty kosher sections. The rest is filled with mainstream grocery items that have adapted kosher certifications.

“Having the right kosher items in your store can drive total store sales,” says Deborah Shapiro, the group’s vice president. “What’s surprising is that many manufacturers go through the expense of getting a kosher certification, then do nothing to tell the kosher consumer that their product is kosher. It’s a missed sales opportunity to a fast-growing consumer base that is more diverse now than ever.”

Couscous, ptitim, challah and Israeli salad are the most popular Jewish and Israeli recipe searches, according to Google data cited by Kosher Network International.