BelGioioso won honors for its La Bottega de BelGioioso Arigiano recently at the 2017 American Cheese Society Contest. Artigiano received both first- and third-place ribbons in the Flavored Cheeses category in the blind judging event.

Artigiano is a new cheese from BelGioioso, marketed under the La Bottega di BelGioioso brand. The wheels are aged under the supervision of BelGioioso's Master Cheesemakers to develop their deep nutty flavor and delicate crystalline texture. The cheeses are then soaked in an aged balsamic and cipolline onion marinade or hearty red wine blend to create two different varieties. Artigiano is also available in Classico offering, without a marinade.

BelGioioso Crema di Mascarpone also took homea first-place Best In Class ribbon in the Mascarpone category. 

"These awards from ACS are greatly appreciated by our Cheesemakers and their teams," says Gaetano Auricchio, executive vice president of BelGioioso. "We are committed each and every day to crafting consistently high-quality cheeses for our customers to enjoy, and this type of recognition affirms that our Cheesemaker's dedication to their craft, as well as their expertise, continues at a very high level."