The IDDBA Show and Sell Center featured innovative ideas for snacking on breads, including Oliver's Mini Chip Slicer.
 New ideas in snacking for the bread category took center stage during the record-setting annual conference and expo of the International Dairy Deli Bakery Association.

With 10,280 attendees from 30 countries, qualified buyers, merchandisers, executives, food manufacturers, brokers, distributors, and other industry professionals gathered to grow the future of their business at IDDBA 17. This sold-out expo consisted of 2,048 booths representing 825 companies. It had an abundance of educational experiences from fresh and trending ideas and new products to presentations from speakers and experts and more opportunities than ever before.

The show took place June 4-6 at the Anaheim Convention Center, Anaheim, CA.

One of the more prominent trends at the IDDBA show was new snack ideas and innovative bread products for the instore bakery.


St. Pierre Bakery introduced freeze-and-thaw authentic Belgian brioche waffles, as well as brioche slider rolls and home-bake French baguettes. St. Pierre specializes in authentic French and Belgian breads and waffles. Enriched with pearl sugar that caramelizes during baking, Liège sugar waffles have a sweet and crunchy bite and are considered the crown jewels of all Belgian waffles.


In other new product launches, Primizie introduced its new line of Organic Sprouted Grains that are kosher, naturally gluten free and made with non-GMO ingredients such as amaranth, quinoa and sorghum. Primizie is a line of thick cut crispbreads with enhanced culinary flavors. Primizie provides 9 grams of whole grains and are trans-fat free, preservative free and cholesterol free. Primizie Organic Sprouted Grains are available in flavors including Ancient Grains, Green Harvest, Rustic Beets and Smoked Cheddar.


Ozery Bakery introduced new Vegan Brioche bites and buns. The brand aims to revolutionize the bread category with the introduction of the first packaged vegan brioche, which replaces typical brioche ingredients such as butter, milk, and eggs with algae to create a healthier product.  These swaps result in a decrease of cholesterol, saturated fat, and sugar per gram, and an increase in fiber compared to standard brioche. In addition, Ozery Bakery showcased their best-selling Morning Rounds. All Ozery products are non-GMO, Vegan, Kosher, use whole grains, and are free of dairy, egg, nut/tree nut and soy.


Chocolate filled crepes are the newest product line from bakerly, which aims to fill a void in the marketplace for clean label bakery snacks and brioche.  

Others are innovating in other categories. Finagle a Bagel, a Boston bagel company, has unveiled a new way to keep a bagel fresh longer, developing a dairy bagel from a proprietary recipe that prevents the bagel from going stale in the cooler without any artificial additives. The result is a premium, all-natural bagel with a 35-day shelf life that helps retailers reduce shrink and even increase cream cheese sales, as a result of the two products being sold right next to each other.

"There is an apparent solution to the declining sales of bagels in grocery stores, and we worked hard to innovate the only artisan, all-natural dairy bagel on the market," said Laura Trust, owner of Finagle a Bagel. "Our dairy bagel offers consumers a premium product that holds its own to bakery bagels while also helping grocery retailers to reduce shrink with its 35-day shelf life. Plus, several retailers have reported an increase in not only bagel sales, but in cream cheese sales as well, which only makes sense – bagel should always be next to the cream cheese.”