Jonathan H. Weis, chairman and chief executive officer of Weis Markets, said the Sunbury, PA-based grocer plans to invest $90 million in its growth in 2017. The budget includes new stores, remodels, supply chain improvements and continued information technology upgrades.

Mr. Weis detailed the investment plans during the company’s annual shareholder meeting, which was held April 28 in Sunbury.

“In 2017, we plan to invest $90 million in our growth,” Mr. Weis said. “Our budget includes 14 remodels, a new unit in Brunswick, MD, two fuel centers and the continued expansion of our distribution center in Milton, PA. We also have seven new stores in the active planning stages and expect most of them to open in 2018.”

Mr. Weis also discussed the company’s recent acquisition and conversion of 44 stores and its 2016 results.

“Last year was one of tremendous growth and opportunity for our company,” he explained. “In 2016, we acquired 44 stores and converted them in just three months’ time, growing our store base by more than 20%. As a result of our acquisition, we now operate 204 stores and expanded operations into two new states, adding Delaware and Virginia to our now seven state territory throughout the Mid-Atlantic region.”