Stratas Foods, a supplier of fats and oils to the foodservice, food ingredients and retail private label markets, was recently awarded the 2016 Quality and Service Award by Dot Foods.

Dot Foods, the nation's largest food industry redistributor, recognizes its top-performing manufacturer partners in the areas of quality and service. The award program began in 1998.

"Our manufacturer partners play a key role in Dot’s success,” saidsays Dot Foods President Dick Tracy. “Our business model relies on building great partnerships with these companies and working together to provide the highest level of customer service possible. We are so grateful to the winners for going above and beyond to help us continue to improve and grow."

Dot and its manufacturer partners agree that working together to improve efficiencies in their partnership is a win-win.

“One of Stratas’ four focus areas is to ‘Deliver service and quality that our customers recognize as outstanding’, so it is very rewarding to see Stratas receive recognition for delivering on that part of our vision,” said Tom Bandler, Sr. Director Corporate Marketing for Stratas Foods LLC. “To receive the Dot Quality and Service Award is a testament to the great work our Stratas Foods employees produce each year.”