First, the biscuits came, and in 2012 belVita convinced American consumers that it was okay to eat a cookie in the car for breakfast.

Then came the bars and high-protein snacks that provided portability and satiety at breakfast time, leaving traditional ready-to-eat cereals in the dark. This is due in part to hurried lifestyles that are becoming more prevalent in the United States and other international markets, said Jared Koerten, senior analyst, Euromonitor.

In Euromonitor’s research, nearly 60% of U.S. consumers reported eating breakfast during their morning commute, and Mexico and Colombia reported more than 50% and 30%, respectively.

Today, breakfast continues to evolve, and global trends are leading the charge in the continued “war on breakfast” that Mr. Koerten described in his state of snacking report at SNAXPO, held April 1-4 in Savannah.

Breakfast biscuits have morphed into sandwiches, including belVita’s latest offering, the belVita Breakfast Sandwich, featuring a yogurt crème between two whole grain biscuits. Mr. Koerten also noted that Greek yogurt sandwich biscuits are gaining popularity in South Korea, while in other Asian markets products such as Greek yogurt-infused breakfast pastries are emerging as probiotics gain popularity.


Although Greek yogurt has shaken up the snack market in the past five years, Mr. Koerten observed a “changing of the guard” in terms of how yogurt is being consumed. Spoonable yogurt products are giving way to portability with more drinkable versions in the form of products like smoothies, due in part to Latino markets. In Brazil and Mexico, drinkable yogurt is approaching 50% of the market.

“The U.S. has a long way to go, but there’s been a lot of innovation in this space just in the past year,” Mr. Koerten noted. In 2016, Chobani, as well as Dannon’s Oikos brand launched yogurt drinks packaged for on-the-go consumption. Additionally, Yoplait will be launching a new yogurt smoothie this year.

Yoplait isn’t so much aiming to replace products like breakfast biscuits as it is seeking to enhance them, with offerings such as Yoplait Dippers, which include sweet biscuits in a top compartment that can be dipped into yogurt contained below.

When it comes to the modern breakfast, it’s all about convenience, portability and satiety. In order to compete in the new breakfast wars, producers of more traditional breakfast item and baked food and snacks need to seize opportunities with the new and emerging players.