While couponing and discounting can soften a retailer’s bottom line, there’s no question that they can move merchandise, particularly when the promotions come directly from the brand/retailer. In a recent study of 8,858 online consumers, who were surveyed immediately post-transaction from 1,356 online stores:

Of the 23.87% of shoppers who used a coupon during check-out:

* 54.47% would NOT have made the purchase without the discount
* 54.59% were inspired to shop because they received a coupon

 Of the 76.12% of shoppers who did NOT use a coupon during check-out:

*80.66% have used coupons in the past

                Of those people…

* 66.79% claim they would have spent more if offered a discount
* 75.95% did not actually bother to look for a coupon