According to the latest VideoMining Grocery Shopper Impact MegaStudy, more shoppers are limiting themselves to the perimeter of the grocery store.

The study shows what 20 percent of shoppers only shop in the perimeter, while that number was just 12 percent in the 2012 study.

“With Decision Analytics, we now have the ability to determine whether a decision is made pre-shelf or at-shelf,” says Richard Hirata, senior vice-president of shopper science for VideoMining. “This has huge implications for how marketing dollars are allocated. For example, if category decisions are primarily made pre-shelf, you wouldn’t want to dump all of your budget into at-shelf initiatives.”

Also included in the study was the revelation that men are shopping at supermarkets nearly as much as women now. Contrary to popular opinion, women now account for just 51 percent of grocery shoppers, narrowing the gender gap in this key CPG channel.

However, women still buy more items and spend more — on average $2.73 per trip more than men.

Since 2011, VideoMining has been providing CPG retailers and manufacturers key insights on shoppers using real-world behavioral data from millions of grocery shoppers. The latest release of their GSI MegaStudy introduces VideoMining’s new Decision Analytics capability, which sheds light on where shoppers are making buying decisions and how the decision process differs across brands, categories and shopper segments.