Pastry Smart LLC, today announced the release of their latest organic and American Humane Certified brioche bread, Miettes de Pain. The bread will be available in Whole Foods Market stores throughout Northern California and Reno.

An exclusive brand for Whole Foods Market, Miettes de Pain is a line of French-inspired handcrafted brioche breads, light, airy and rich with the flavors of organic farmstead butter and cage-free eggs.  The Miettes de Pain product mix includes hamburger buns, slider buns, hot dog buns, and sliced bread.  It can be used to make a flavorful French toast or as a fresh bun-of-choice for the upcoming summer BBQ season.

"Miettes de Pain is good for people, good for animals and good for our environment. We use the best local, organic ingredients. Our labels list fewer than ten. We use and cultivate yeasts naturally that are specific to the San Francisco Bay Area, which makes our breads especially good.  These naturally occurring yeasts are recognized around the world for their superior bread making properties," said Mark Ainsworth, president and founder, Pastry Smart.

The Certified Humane + Organic Bakery

Whole Foods Market 38 stores in Northern California and Reno debuted the Miettes de Pain label on their bakery shelves this month.  Miettes de Pain delivers a solution for the bakery aisle of the grocery store where, for the first time, customers have an option for organic and American Humane Certified artisan baked goods, exceptional in quality and value.

"Whole Foods Market is committed to offering the highest quality natural and organic products to our customers," said Matthew Mestemacher Bakery Coordinator, Northern California and Reno. Pastry Smart's Miettes de Pain were a natural choice for us as they are superb in quality and taste great. They are flying off the shelves!"