Ukrop's Homestyle Foods will see its brands expand in a big way soon. The company's prepared foods and bakery items will be sold at Wegmans, Kroger and more now that Ukrop's is no longer tied exclusively to Martin's Food Markets.

Ukrop's began as a successful line of supermarkets in the Richmond, VA., area before it sold to Martin's in 2019 and began providing those stores with its popular prepared foods and bakery operations.

When Publix acquired 10 Martin's locations, it opened the door for Ukrop's to expand into new markets.

"This is transformational ... from a brand point of view," Robert S. Ukrop, president and CEO of the company, told the Richmond Times-Dispatch. "We've spent a lot of time with a certain amount of restrictions. Now, we have the opportunity to move around."

Kroger will carry more than 400 Ukrop's items in 18 locations around the Richmond area and will soon have the company's items in 86 regional stores. Wegmans and Libbie Market will carry a smaller, but still significant, number of items.

Ukrop's will also begin selling branded sandwiches, salads and cookies — including the famed Rainbow Cookies — at four Hudson News retail locations in the Richmond International Airport.