Corbion, in advance of the FDA deadline, announced on Monday that it had hit its target of providing non-PHO replacements for its entire portfolio, including emulsifiers, mixes and bases. The company has discontinued the use of PHOs and now offers a complete portfolio of drop-in non-PHO solutions with full functionality.

“By offering the complete portfolio now, Corbion helps customers make the transition smoothly and easily,” says Jim Robertson, global product manager, emulsifiers, for Corbion. “Our customers can provide the eating experience and quality consumers expect, along with the cleaner labels they want.

Robertson says Corbion’s proactive investment in non-PHO solutions allows customers to position their companies as market leaders while making food “cleaner, safer, simpler and tastier. As an example, when we converted to the Ensemble emulsifier solutions, bakers quickly realized they could maintain the flavor and texture of their goods without PHOs — and without sacrificing quality, handling or shelf life.”