Digital Foodie, the creator of the award- winning on-demand grocery platform, and Chicago- based Independent Grocers Alliance (IGA) have established a partnership where Digital Foodie will be a preferred IGA partner for enabling on-demand grocery to IGA’s licensed retailers. The partner program includes retailer branded web service, linked to IGA branded native mobile applications for placing orders and shopping planning, as well as state-of-the-art in-store picking and fulfillment tools for optimized store pick-up and home delivery.

IGA and Digital Foodie also established a marketing partnership for digital experiences that draws upon Digital Foodie’s marketing and consumer adoption best practices, leveraging its successes in more advanced, European grocery markets.  Digital Foodie will work closely with IGA and its retailers to develop marketing offers and training programs for converged groceries proven to achieve a high level of consumer adoption with profitable results for grocers.  

“The retail grocery industry is undergoing a digital transformation that requires grocers to provide converged services including on-demand and in-store solutions to extend and enhance their current bricks and mortar business and to fend off digital inroads by competitors such as Walmart, Amazon and other large grocery chains”, says Kalle Koutajoki, CEO of Digital Foodie. “We have nearly a decade of experience in deploying online grocery in the most competitive on-demand grocery markets in the world, while simultaneously ‘cracking the code’ to achieving retailer profitability. I am very excited about this partnership, and with our platform and secret sauce to profitability, IGA retailers can jumpstart their on-demand business instantly while keeping the control of the store brand.”

For most retailers, the Digital Foodie cloud platform can be set up within weeks. The most proven platform in the industry coupled with marketing and fulfillment operations enables retailers to be competitive in any environment.  The platform helps the grocer maintain its customer relationships across channels, unlike other competing point solutions that may even sever their relationships with their own customers in favor of the program provider.

The IGA branded mobile application seamlessly links the grocer’s branded website to Digital Foodie’s converged cloud platform for on-demand ordering, online circulars, personalized shopping planning, digital commerce, order management and efficient fulfillment. The Digital Foodie platform is the only grocery-focused cloud platform that comes with full end-to-end capabilities including a robust Product Information Management (PIM) solution that also serves food wholesalers and CPG brands.