Publix, the southeastern chain of supermarkets, is among the best-ranking companies when it comes to evoking positive emotions in consumers, according to recently released data from Temkin Group.

Publix — along with fast-food chain Chick-fil-A and hotel chain Residence Inn — was one of just three companies to earn "excellent" scores for delivering the most positive emotional experiences.

Supermarket chains H-E-B, Kroger a Save-a-Lot, along with c-store chain Wawa Food Market, also ranked high in the study.

Temkin says that, compared with consumers who have negative emotional experiences, those with positive experiences are:

  • 15 times more likely to recommend a company
  • 8.4 times more likely to trust a company
  • 7.8 times more likely to try a new product from a company
  • 7.1 times fore likely to purchase from a company
  • 6.6 times more likely to forgive a company after it makes a mistake