WENATCHEE, WASH. — Envy is transitioning its apple source supply to the new season of fresh imports from New Zealand as its Washington harvest is nearly sold out.

The company said it had a ‘tremendously successful’ holiday season followed by strong sales in the spring, when it reached double-digit growth over last year.

“This has been one of our most successful seasons to date despite the significant increase of Envy volume over and above prior season,” said Vince Lopes, senior vice president of US sales and marketing for T&G Global. “It’s testament to the excellent quality produced by a distinctly chosen group of Washington growers, and US consumers seeking Envy apples out for their highly popular balance of sweetness, texture, and aroma. Simply put, one apple has it all.”

Envy said this season’s Washington apple crop increased by more than 30% in total production, and that the season’s success, despite an excess abundance in the apple market, shows how much shoppers prefer Envy.

"Our fresh harvest import crop is just starting to arrive now," said Lopes, who oversees the Envy apples brand in the US. "With an impeccable blend of sweetness, crispness, and aroma, Envy apples are not only ideal to savor on their own, but they are also perfect for all baking applications, including delicious 4th of July apple pies. We also offer an array of fresh recipes designed with summer delights in mind on our website and other digital communications."